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FLOW 50 hour sequencing training


This module is for those new to teaching FLOW or those who are ready to explore new ways to guide FLOW classes. It is easy to get “stuck” teaching the same thing, and we as teachers need inspiration and fuel to get out of our formulaic way of being. Through worksheets, workshops, and thoughtful feedback, you will find a FLOW style that is uniquely you. Our FLOW philosophy is to keep people interested, safe, and confident in class. We teach people, “Don’t choreograph your yoga classes. Sequence them.”

You will leave with a simple way to fully master your class plan, making it easy for you to plan exciting, engaging, personalized classes with just a few minutes of your time.

This module includes:

Creativity to keep yourself and your students engaged and interested
Counterposing to keep yourself and your students safe
Clarity to keep yourself and your students calm, connected, and confident

This module is open to anyone seeking insight into yoga sequencing. It helps to have a solid anatomy and asana foundation, either through The Yoga Harbor's READY and STEADY modules or through your personal background.

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Later Event: August 11
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