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Offering: How To Tell Your Trauma Story (print version)

Offering: How To Tell Your Trauma Story (print version)


When I was 30 years old I was raped by an acquaintance and suffered from PTSD for two years. Learning to tell my story was one of the essential tools that allowed me to transform my experience into one of growth.

This is a trauma-informed workbook by a PTSD survivor written to help you on your way to sharing your story. Organized into three sections:

  1. Set and Setting: determining a set of conditions that will help you safely tell your story

  2. Engagement: reaching your audience

  3. The Gritty Details: talking about what happened to you

This is a printed version that will be mailed to you. The cover is hand-drawn and may vary from the image shown.

All proceeds will be donated to the San Francisco Trauma Recovery Center

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